A wish is more than just a finite experience.
It is a gift of infinite HOPE.

Welcome to the magical world of wishes! Here, hope flies on wings of whimsy and everything is possible.

The Calendar of Wishes is a Make-A-Wish® Northern Alberta initiative. This larger than life, wish-granting advent calendar is making the wishes for some very deserving children come true again this year. Thank you to our community, corporate sponsors and partners who came together to make the Calendar of Wishes a reality.

Make more wishes possible.

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Our 2020 Calendar

Our 2020 Calendar

Doors open each day at noon!

Tap on the doors to reveal the Wish Kid, and tap again to read their story.

Hover over the doors to reveal the Wish Kid, and click to read their story.


Oliver, 7

Dec 1, 2020  Wish Character


Wendy, 16

Dec 2, 2020  Wish Character


Nathan, 8

Dec 3, 2020  Wish Character


Susanna, 17

Dec 4, 2020  Wish Character


Lincoln, 17

Dec 5, 2020  Wish Character


Cadence, 7

Dec 6, 2020  Wish Character


Roman, 10

Dec 7, 2020  Wish Character


Cura, 9

Dec 8, 2020  Wish Character


Braydon, 13

Dec 9, 2020  Wish Character


Declan, 11

Dec 10, 2020  Wish Character


Tru, 11

Dec 11, 2020  Wish Character


Talitha, 10

Dec 12, 2020 Wish Character


Layton, 7

Dec 13, 2020  Wish Character


Landon, 7

Dec 14, 2020 Wish Character

Day Sponsored By
Insurance Bureau of Canada


Tailynn, 18

Dec 15, 2020  Wish Character


Julia, 18

Dec 16, 2020  Wish Character


Connor, 13

Dec 17, 2020  Wish Character


Addyson, 11

Dec 18, 2020  Wish Character


Grayson, 4

Dec 19, 2020  Wish Character


Ruth, 14

Dec 20, 2020  Wish Character


Charlie, 13

Dec 21, 2020  Wish Character


Anifa, 15

Dec 22, 2020  Wish Character


Addison, 3

Dec 23, 2020  Wish Character


Rory, 12

Dec 24, 2020  Wish Character


Located in downtown Edmonton, doors on the Calendar of Wishes will open to reveal a wish that has been granted. Whimsical and inspiring, the advent calendar has been developed to increase awareness of the stories that fuel the passion of Make-A-Wish® Northern Alberta and demonstrate that each wish is as unique and special as the child who wished it.

Located in Make-A-Wish® Northern Alberta’s own “Winter Wish Square” (Abbey Glen Park: 10107 – 10147 Jasper Avenue), the fifth annual Calendar of Wishes will launch December 1st and actively run until December 24th. Edmontonians can continue to enjoy the calendar until early January.

Help Make Wishes Come True

Help Make Wishes Come True

The Calendar of Wishes highlights just a few examples of the wishes that we grant to kids in need of hope, but we can’t do it without you. Support Make-A-Wish® Northern Alberta this holiday season and bring wishes to life!

Help grant a child’s wish by becoming a sponsor of the 2021 Calendar of Wishes. When you help to make wishes come true, Make-A-Wish Northern Alberta will highlight your investment in the community and provide your organization with unique exposure and recognition. To receive more information, please contact:

Jen Garden
780.444.9474 (ext. 6206)

Thank you, Edmonton, for granting wishes with us!